Friday, April 26, 2013

MAC Preview Party Exclusive Photos and Recap

I just realized I forgot to show you guys the pictures I took for the Baking Beauties preview party at my MAC PRO store! Actually, the first few pictures were taken the day after as there were so many people and I'm so freaking short that I was barely able to take any on the actual night.
I didn't know what to expect when I was invited, as this was a first time for me. I attended a Sephora VIB event last fall, but this was COMPLETELY different. There were makeup artists and makeup lovers, caterers and cake decorators,  musicians and models, and photographers and bloggers crammed into the store like sardines.
Besides Baking Beauties, other collections were being sold simultaneously. In Extra Dimension, Nudes & Metallics, and Fashion Sets were also featured. I already got everything I wanted from In Extra Dimension and Fashion Sets from my lovely local MAC counter, so I focused on the PRO only collection and Baking Beauties instead. Something told me to wait in line for what I wanted before enjoying the party, and that feeling paid off as I was able to get everything I wanted. Almost everything was sold out by the end of the party! (If you were wondering why there's never enough stock on launch day, this might be the answer. Just a hypothesis.)
Please read ahead to see the photos, as this post is mildly photo heavy.

Apparently none of these cakes are real, but there were real cakes being iced during the party! I wish I'd gotten a picture of the guy decorating, but Leading Lady Makeup has some wonderful pictures posted here.
These ladies were modeling and posing the whole party!

My parting gift. No goody bags full of MAC makeup, sadly.

The cake was fashioned like the cakes in the promo photo.

As you went around to look at the pieces, you were given this checklist to mark down the items you desired. Then, you gave the list to a runner, who went behind the counter to pull the items for you as you waited in line. That was how it was supposed to work, anyway- I just brought the list up to the counter.

At the time, I bought Lavender Whip (even though the color is different than the last release, per Temptalia's report), Dominate, and Show All. I eventually went back for Pre Raphaelite. My initial swatches are here while the swatches I did of the lipsticks and eyeshadows are here.

In conclusion, I did like the opportunity to see and buy the collections before they launched, but I really wish that there weren't as many people. Even with the alcohol and hors d'oeuvres, the floor was much too packed and the noise level too loud. I didn't get the individual attention I would have desired, and due to the lighting, the colors that I swatched and tried weren't true. I'm told that the PRO card holder party is much more relaxed, though! Hopefully one of these days I'll either get to go to the early entry for bloggers, or the PRO party if my application is accepted.

What did you think? Have you been to a preview party before, or would you like to go? Did you get anything from these collections? Let me know by commenting below, I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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