Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tarte Journey to Natural Beauty Photos, Swatches, and Reviews

You're dining at a boho-chic restaurant. A healthy and colorful lunch sits in front of you, along with a chilled glass of wine. Maybe you're looking over some work reports, or simply relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere. A woman walks in with her girlfriends, laughing, with that golden glow and effortless natural but flushed look of the summer. Perfect for the daytime, she might only need another coat of mascara and some dark eyeliner for a romantic night out with her husband, who couldn't even tell she's wearing anything. He thinks she was born this way. Envious, you approach her table. What is she wearing? You can only vaguely guess as to the products. Why, the Tarte Journey to Natural Beauty QVC exclusive set, she replies. It's filled with everything needed to achieve a flawless, sun-touched look with a fun punch of pink.

Tarte Journey to Natural Beauty Collection

Tarte must be one of my favorite lines of makeup, if only for the Lipsurgence, Amazonian Clay Blush, and Waterproof Cream Shadows and Liners. I was so excited when I heard that the brand was releasing 3 brand new products, only found on QVC and only in this limited edition package. The new products are Lights, Camera, Flashes Mascara, Amazonian Butter Lipstick, and The Brow Architect.

Informational pamphlet, Brow Architect in fair/light, and Lights, Camera, Flashes mascara

The QVC price for this set is listed at $72.50, but is on special for $65.94. Shipping and handling + taxes from QVC is generally on the steeper side, around $10-$12 for both, but with the amount of product you are getting, the value is much greater. As of the time I'm posting this, the shades available in the foundation are Medium, Tan, and Deep. Fair and Light seem to have sold out, but they may be restocked.
Breakdown of value from QVC's website

In this particular kit comes:
-a roomy makeup bag with the same print as the brush
-1.7 fl oz Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage SPF 15 Foundation (I chose the shade Light)
-a Limited Edition Foundation Brush (although the construction and functionality is the same as their standard foundation brush)
-0.31 oz Lights, Camera, Flashes Mascara, Black
-0.2 oz Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Powder Blush in a new shade, Fearless
-0.1 oz Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Plummy Rose
-0.007 oz crayon, 0.014 oz definer The Brow Architect (Fair/Light shade comes automatically with choice of Fair or Light foundation).
-Deluxe Sample of Brazilliance skin rejuvenating maracuja self-tanner

I don't know about you, but usually I find that the makeup bags that come as a "special gift" or "bonus" tend to be UGLY; plastic, plastered with logos, and much too small. Conversely, this bag is absolutely beautiful! According to QVC, it measures 10-1/4"L x 10-3/4"H x 1/2"W, which truly is a whopping size. The top folds over showing the pattern, or can be filled to the brim. It easily fit all the items in the kit with loads of room to share. It also has lovely golden thread running through the beige side. The patterned side looks like it would be a fabric, but actually has a straw-like texture. This is the same feel to the pattern on the brush, so I feel like it wouldn't be as hard to clean as if it were fabric. This was one of the main concerns on the QVC forum.

Continue reading to see the rest of the products, swatches, and reviews!

Foundation completely blended out on top of hand- stops right before wrist and knuckles
The foundation choice I picked is too light for my skin right now, and has very yellow undertones. Medium would have been much too dark, though. It would match better during the winter for me, but I plan to mix it with a darker, neutral foundation to get my perfect match. It applied smoothly, and didn't feel like a liquid foundation to me- instead, it had the texture of a dry oil, like that of my Caudalie Divine Oil or Alterna Dry Oil Mist. When I blended it into the back of my hand, it definitely had full coverage. I see golden shimmer infused into the foundation, and with no primer, it covered pores but sunk into my fine lines. I would recommend using a foundation primer with this. The foundation has a 15 SPF broad spectrum sunscreen, and the scent associated with this is definitely noticeable. It lingers, and if this is an aroma that bothers you, it will be a point of contention. Otherwise, it is unscented. I like that the color of the leaf on the packaging and a strip along the side of the tube indicate the color. Also, the tube in general is easy to squeeze, although I feel that once it gets close to the end, you may have to cut the tube open and scrape out the rest of the product. It was sealed with foil for integrity.

Clockwise from far left: Brazilliance self-tanner, Amazonian Butter Lipstick, 12-Hour Amazonian Clay Blush, Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation, Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush

The brush is a shape that I have fallen in love with recently to apply my foundation. It's large and round, with layered sizes of soft bristles for fuller coverage than the average brush. The bristles feel synthetic, but Tarte says that it is made of cruelty-free goat hair. No goats were harmed in the making of this brush, going in line with the natural, eco-friendly vibe the brand holds. The handle is made of bamboo. It's great for cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin, but I have to be very careful in small areas. It's possible, but I'd rather use a small brush for those areas. To the areas it can reach comfortably, the shape of the brush, along with a swirling technique provide an airbrushed look.

Clockwise from top left: Foundation in Light, Blush in Fearless, Brow Architect in Fair/Light, Lipstick in Plummy Rose

I've never tried any of Tarte's other lipsticks, so I can't say how it compares. The formula of these Amazonian Butter Lipsticks is exceptionally creamy, and seems to be moisturizing. It glides on without tugging, and is opaque. With one coat, more of the brown comes across, but can be built up to appear very rosy and pink. I could wear this for about 4 hours without touching up, as long as I don't eat or drink. It comes packaged in cardboard, which I was originally worried about, but actually seems to be sturdy. I can recycle this once it's finished. QVC's description says that the formula is infused with nutrient-rich cupuacu and murumuru butters. It has the signature light minty scent of Tarte's lip products, which fades over time.

From left to right: one swipe of Plummy Rose lipstick, Plummy Rose built up, Brazilliance Self-Tanner heavily swatched, Brazilliance Self-Tanner blended out
Fearless, the new shade of 12-Hour Amazonian Clay Blush, is a pigmented warm pink with gold shimmer. It doesn't apply patchily, nor is it hard to blend the edges. I always have a fantastic experience with these blushes, and haven't been disappointed yet. The embossing on the blush is the Amazon River surrounded by nature. The bottom of each blush cartridge has a hole big enough for a pin, in case you prefer to de-pot your blushes into a mega-palette. I love that this detail is included, so Tarte-lettes don't have to worry about breaking their precious blushes.

From left to right: brow pencil highlight (barely visible), foundation blended out, foundation heavily swatched, blush built up, blush partially blended out
The Brow Architect shaper, liner, and definer is the only part of this that I am not enamored with. The concept is terrific, as there's a triangular crayon eyebrow color, a powder filled sponge tip brow highlight, and a spoolie all in one unit. Unfortunately, the decision to base the actual brow color and highlight off of the foundation chosen doesn't work for a wide variety of people. For instance, I have a light-medium skin tone, but extremely dark hair. Fair and Light foundation choices received the Fair/Light pencil which has the lightest crayon color and highlight color, Medium and Tan foundation choices received the Medium/Tan pencil with a medium crayon color and highlight color, and Deep foundation choices received the Deep pencil with the darkest crayon pigment and highlight color.
The brow highlight would probably work if I could get the powder to come out more, but shaking and pressing the tip down on my skin multiple times resulted in an abmyssal swatch. The brow crayon is too light with too many medium brunette tones, and doesn't give smooth color. The spoolie works nicely, but as a whole, I don't enjoy this product. There are quite a few complaints on QVC as well, as some darker skinned people have lighter hair, and vice versa. If you fit into the color selection of this pencil, it may work nicely for you.

All product swatches minus mascara in natural light
From left to right: Brow pencil lightly swatched, brow pencil heavily swatched, brow highlight heavily swatched, foundation partially blended, foundation heavily swatched, blush built up, blush partially blended, one swipe of lipstick, lipstick heavily swatched, self-tanner heavily swatched, self-tanner blended

Swatches in indoor light- you can really see the yellow undertones in the foundation

Swatches under fluorescent light- the brow highlight is most visible here

From left to right: brow pencil lightly then heavily swatched, brow highlight heavily swatched, foundation partially blended then heavily swatched

From left to right: blush built up then blended out, lipstick swiped once then built up, self-tanner heavily then lightly swatched
I haven't had a chance to try the Lights, Camera, Flashes mascara yet, but I plan on doing a look using all of these products. I own the cult Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara, but also haven't used it due to my extreme mascara hoarding. The new formula claims "two coats are clinically proven to increase lash volume by 752%". If it does, I'll let you know!
The self-tanner was a deluxe, surprise sample within my package. Having a light/medium skin tone already, I don't employ these, but the color seems quite lovely. This was also sealed with foil to protect the contents from contamination. The product is quite runny, which I'm not sure if self-tanners tend to be, and had a bewitching aroma.

List of Ingredients- click for larger picture

I was lucky enough to get the auto-delivery for this kit, and will receive another shipment in June, and then again in November. The foundation and brow pencil are staples in each shipment, but the lipstick and blush colors change, the bags are different, and a different kind of brush will be included. This is the description straight from QVC:

  • Second shipment: ships June 2013; includes lipstick in Pink Peony, blush in Empowered (an apricot-pink color), and a smaller, tighter foundation brush
  • Third shipment: ships November 2013; includes lipstick in Roseberry, blush in Inspired (a mauve-rose color), and a blush brush

  • June shipment as seen on QVC
    November shipment as seen on QVC
    I think the November shipment may end up being my favorite, but I loved this first shipment! I would definitely recommend that you get this if you can purchase your color. I wish the full color range of Tarte foundations were available from QVC, but if you love the formula, Sephora and Tarte carry all of the colors. I find that all of the colors found on QVC have yellow undertones.
    Please stay tuned for a Face of the Day using all of these products. Did you buy this kit? How do you feel about it? Do you have any favorite Tarte products? Comment below!